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Legal Disbursement Funding

Market leading disbursement funding solutions for law firms

LDF Australia is one of the largest providers of legal disbursement funding in the country.

LDF Australia is trusted by Australia’s top personal injury law firms and their clients, to provide disbursement funding solutions, facilitated through a purpose-built technology platform.

LDF Australia is part of Moelis Australia, an ASX-listed financial services firm with a speciality in credit and a history of working with law firms as a trusted advisor.

LDF Australia was established by Moelis Australia after working as financial adviser to one of Australia’s largest personal injury law firms.

Moelis Australia identified a need for law firms to alleviate the working-capital pressure of funding disbursements on behalf of clients. Additionally, it was clear that clients of law firms needed a disbursement funding solution to fund the cost of disbursements necessary to pursue legal claims.  

Combining its extensive credit experience and deep understanding of the personal injury law sector, LDF Australia created a simple and affordable disbursement solution.

LDF Australia has quickly grown to become one of the largest disbursement funding providers in the country. It is trusted by some of the leading personal injury law firms and thousands of claimants nationwide.

Moelis Australia

Moelis Australia is an ASX-listed financial services group, specialising in asset management, corporate advisory and equities. Since launching in 2009, the company has advised on over $100 billion worth of transactions, raised more than $7.8 billion from equity capital markets and has over $3.9 billion in assets under management, including the management of more than $800 million in credit related investments.  

The firm has offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Shanghai and is a global partner of NYSE-listed Moelis & Company for the delivery of corporate advisory services.

The firm, through its wholly owned subsidiary MAF Credit Pty Ltd, received its Australian Credit Licence to conduct consumer credit activities in 2018.

Funding Solutions

LDF Australia, through Moelis Australia, offers a range of disbursement funding solutions. This includes asset-backed facilities for law firms and direct to client funding solutions.  

All of our products are structured to be attractive for firms and claimants, providing:

  • Truly non-recourse no win/no pay funding
  • No cash interest, fees or repayment until the client’s matter is complete
  • Transparent pricing, with no hidden fees
  • Simple documentation written in plain English
  • Integrated on-boarding process, resulting in minimal disruption to the client

Online Portal

Underpinning our offering is a purpose-built technology platform.  

It was designed in consultation with lawyers, legal assistants and clients, across several organisations, resulting in a system that focuses on efficiency and the practical needs of the legal community. Built to alleviate administration, loan maintenance, funding requests and loan/case settlement, the portal simplifies disbursement funding management for all stakeholders including clients, lawyers, support staff and central finance/admin functions.

  • Streamlined application process with minimal disruption to the client journey
  • Tailored functionality focused on efficiency for clients and firms
  • Powerful reporting features  
  • Transparency for law firms and clients  

A simple and affordable way to pay expenses for your legal claim

LDF Australia is one of the largest providers of legal disbursement funding in Australia.

We are trusted by clients of some of the largest personal injury law firms in Australia to provide funding arrangements to cover the cost of disbursements needed to pursue certain legal claims.


Don’t win, don’t pay – If you win your case, repayment is made from the compensation proceeds. If you lose your case, you don’t need to repay the loan – your law firm will pay us back on your behalf.
No ongoing repayments – You don’t pay any fees or interest, or make any loan repayments, until your case is complete – and even then, only if you win.
Transparent pricing and rates – We believe in transparency and full disclosure of costs associated with our loan product. There are no hidden fees and charges.

How it works

LDF Australia offers a Don’t Win / Don’t Pay funding option for your disbursements

Disbursement Loan

We lend you money to fund your disbursements

Win your case

Repay the loan using your compensation proceeds

Lose your case

You don't repay the loan, Your law firm pays us back.


Who can use LDF Australia?

LDF Australia lends to clients of select personal injury law firms.

These loans are only available in circumstances where the law firm has offered to work on a no win / no fee basis and for certain types of legal claims.

Is a credit check required to take out a disbursement loan with LDF Australia?

No, a credit check is not required.

How can I use the funds?

If you take out an LDF Australia loan, we will provide a credit limit that can be used to fund your legal disbursement expenses. Your credit limit depends on the amount of disbursements needed to pursue your claim.

The loan is drawn down by your lawyer on your behalf into your law firm’s client trust account. The money is used to fund expenses required for your case, such as medical reports, expert reports, court filing fees, and so on.

When do I have to pay the loan back?

In the event your case is successful, and you receive compensation proceeds, the loan will be repaid from those proceeds.  

If your legal case is unsuccessful, or you don’t receive sufficient compensation proceeds to repay the loan during its 60-month term, you do not have to repay the shortfall. Your law firm must guarantee the loan if you use our disbursement funding product. This means the law firm will pay us back.

How do I apply?

For more information regarding our disbursement loans or to find out about the application process, contact us

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